Our Sealing Seminar Delivers

Both Personal and Organizational Benefits:

  • Personally:
  • Expands your knowledge.
  • Boosts your confidence.
  • Develops troubleshooting skills.
  • Demonstrates your professionalism.
  • Challenges your intellect.
  • Organizationally:
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Modernizes your technology.
  • Improves facility safety record.
  • Improves competitiveness.
  • Framed Certificate and TCH Credits Awarded.


				Mechanical Packing & Mechanical Seals

				8:00 	  	Seminar Orientation
				8:30 	  	Principles of Pump Operations
				9:30 	  	Achieving Success with Mechanical Packing
				10:00 	  	Break
				10:15 	  	Application Techniques for Packing Efficiency
				11:30 	  	Troubleshooting Leaks and Solutions

				Noon 	  	Lunch (included in fee)
							Networking & Discussion

				1:00 	  	Principles of Mechanical Seals
				2:00 	  	Mechanical Seal Installations
				3:00 	  	Break
				3:15 	  	Troubleshooting Mechanical Seals
				4:30 	  	Comparison of Mechanical Packing with Mechanical Seals
				5:00 	  	Close Session

				O-Rings, Gaskets, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

				8:00 	  	Seminar Orientation
				8:15 	  	O-Ring Presentation
								a) Review O-Ring History
								b) Discuss Elastomers
								c) Explain AS-568A Universal Dash Series
								d) Explain Inches vs. Metric
				10:00 	  	Break
				10:15 	  	O-Ring Presentation Continued
								a) Discuss Hydraulic Fluids Impact
								b) Troubleshooting O-Rings
								c) Discuss Metric O-Rings
								d) Four Metric Systems: 1. German; 2. Italian; 3. British; 4. Japanese
				11:30 	  	Troubleshooting O-Rings

				Noon 	  	Lunch (included in fee)
							Networking & Discussion

				1:00 	  	Discuss Theory of Gaskets
				1:30 	  	Discuss Gasket Standards
				2:00 	  	Discuss the Variety of Gasket Materials Available
				3:00 	  	Break
				3:15 	  	Discuss Nature of Hydraulic Sealing Devices
				3:45 	  	Discuss Various Types of Seals &Their Uses
				4:00 	  	Troubleshoot Hydraulic Leaks
				4:30 	  	Award Certificates of Attendance
				5:00 	  	Close Session

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