1969: Frederickseal is born

Founded over 45 years ago, Frederickseal is based on the revolutionary idea that instead of just selling products, a sealing company should focus on its customers' main goal— which is stopping leaks!

Tony Frederick frequently heard conflicting claims regarding the origins of leaks of steam, water, wastewater, hydraulic fluids, as well as products such as beer, paper stock, paint, and other substances. From these experiences, conclusions were drawn and a modus operandi was created for a completely new company in the "supply" business.

Most companies in the supply business, be they industrial, automotive, or plumbing, see themselves as merchants. Merchants by definition exchange "goods" for money. The responsibility of achieving performance or a "result"—that is, in the sealing business, no leak—is on the purchaser. This is usually a trial-and-error process which can be very expensive.

Therein Lies an Enormous Opportunity

Tony theorized that a customer really wants to purchase NO LEAKS rather than mechanical packing, gaskets, or o-rings. Experience has proven that most leaks are not seal problems (i.e. that the seals are not defective). Rather, leaks are the result of one or a combination of three broad factors:

								1. Installer Error
								      a. Used the wrong size 
								      b. Installed it backward 
								      c. Cut the ring too short (or long) 
								      d. Used wrong material for the job 
								2. Equipment Condition
								      a. Extreme corrosion problem 
								      b. Excessive runout or end play of rotating shaft 
								      c. Unbalanced rotor 
								      d. Improper drive alignment 
								3. System Defects
								      a. Excessive piping strain on pump nozzle 
								      b. Improper system sizing and design which creates pump cavitation 
								            and piping hammer 
								      c. Improper base plate grouting 
								      d. Poorly installed anchor bolts for base plate and rotating equipment 

As the above factors were reinforced on a daily basis, Tony concluded that something else was needed besides very high quality products to achieve his customers' goal of NO LEAKS! So Tony increasingly began to coach and assist his customers with installation and operation advice. Frequently he would install the first one "free" to satisfy the customer's apprehension regarding the proposed solution to the problem leak.

The sealing industry has created dramtic improvements in materials and fabrication techniques over the last three decades, of which many people in the industry maintenance field have not become aware.

Therefore, Tony and his merry band of SEALING CONSULTANTS are constantly (one Saturday a month) updating their product information and product application knowledge. FrederickSeal is a resource with extraordinary reserves of information and experience that can be put to work for you by your simply becoming a regular customer.